Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebrating Baby Mitchell

My cousin, Jessica, had her baby shower this past weekend and I was so happy I could be a part of it. She lives in Dixie, GA so we don't get to see one another very often. I couldn't wait to see her belly! ;) Connor's best friend was having his birthday party the same day and I didn't want him to miss that so he and John stayed in Tampa while Addie and I made the trip north. None of my family in Georgia had ever met Addison so she had to come. Plus she is my baby shower buddy :) We left for Waldo Friday night to stay the night with my parents. The next morning, bright and early I might add, we all piled in my car and headed to Georgia. Little did we know the weather we were about to endure! We traveled at only 45 mph for most of our time on I-75. If you didn't know it was 9 o'clock in the morning you wouldn't have thought it. It was pitch black out! We were a little late but very happy to get there.
Jessica looked so beautiful and very happy. Pregnancy seems to be treating her well :) Addison had fun exploring the house and playing with their refrigerator magnets. After the shower we headed back to Jessica's house. I was so excited I got to see all of the DeSantiago's (with the exception of David who is off to college). My Aunt Beth put out an amazing spread of food so we grubbed and visited with one another. Sadly we couldn't stay long as we had to head back to Gainesville. I was planning on driving back to Tampa that night and still needed to visit with my Grandma and Uncle Dominique. We also wanted to time Addie's nap right. Speaking of Addie she did awesome in the car. It helped that she had live entertainment, aka Bebe, riding next to her. And we did time it right as she napped almost the whole way home. Thankfully we didn't hit any more rain but the congestion on I-75 was crazy! I've never seen it so busy, going both directions too. We ended up getting off and taking back roads. What did we do before smartphones? :p 
After visiting with my Grandma and Uncle Dominique we headed back to Waldo for dinner. I even got to see my Uncle Steve before leaving. I can't believe how much family time I managed to squeeze into 24 hrs! I wasn't exactly thrilled to be getting back into the car but the alternative didn't appeal to me one bit. Traveling at night with Addison is the only way to go, especially when traveling solo. I have to give her kudos though, she did so good and hardly made a peep on the drive back to Tampa. She didn't even wake up in her transfer to her crib, other than to let out a big sigh. You could just imagine her thinking, Ah...good to be home. Every time she woke up in the car she was in a different city visiting different people!
When I got home I was filled in on Connor and Daddy's day. They had a blast at Finn's birthday party. All of his buddies were there and though the party ended at 12:30 they were there until almost 3 pm! They had a bouce house, cotton candy machine, pizza and cake of course. The kids even kicked the soccer ball around. Afterwards they headed home for Connor's nap and then went to Target and Lowe's later. Lowe's is Connor's favorite store. It sounded like they had a great day together. When Connor was going to bed and John was leaving the room, Connor said "Daddy, you're my best friend." How cute is that?! It just melts my heart. He is such a sweet boy!
We didn't do much Sunday. I needed a little downtime after my long Saturday. We did bike up to the park for a bit which was fun. We hadn't been since Addison started walking so it was a little bit of a different experience this time. It will be nice when she stops putting everything into her mouth though. You can't turn your eye for a second, not at the park anyway! LOL She isn't afraid of dirt...or mulch...or rubber turf. Yuck.
I didn't take any pics at the shower but snapped a few at Jessica's before we left. You can view those and a few more from the park here.

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