Thursday, May 15, 2014

Anniversary/Mother's Day Weekend

John and I had a mini stay-cation last weekend to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Grandma and Papa drove up to watch the kids for us on Saturday. We left them at the house and checked in to the Westin on Harbour Island (yes, it’s in Tampa hence the stay-cation). We lounged by the pool for a few hours before getting ready for dinner. It was awesome to just sit, relax, read a magazine and bask in the afternoon sun.  John took me to Elevage that evening, a newer restaurant that we had heard good things about. It had a fun atmosphere and the food was delicious! We ordered way too much food and were so full we could hardly finish our wine. That never happens! :p Elevage is located inside a hotel, the Epicurean, which also has a rooftop bar. We went up to check it out after dinner. They were already at capacity but it looks like a great place that we will definitely check out again another time. We headed back to the hotel afterwards with intentions of watching a movie but we were both too tired. Is it bad that we spent a night away from our kids sleeping? We clearly needed it.

We look naked! lol 

It was a beautiful evening. We enjoyed a glass of wine overlooking downtown Tampa before heading to dinner.

 I woke up to the best text message on Sunday. It was a video from Grandma of the kids wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day! We packed up and headed home to celebrate the day with most of the Gumula’s. Mark even made the drive over from Orlando with his girlfriend.

I was showered with cards, flowers and a special bottle of wine. 
C & A Wine Co. ~~ Mother's Day 2014 Edition
John is so creative!

I also got a couple fun gifts like a new pool float and a lock and speedometer for my bike. I’m training for a triathlon so those things will come in handy!

We also had our first dip in the pool since last summer! It was still a little on the chilly side but we will be swimming regularly in no time.

It was a great weekend filled with so much love. Thank you, Grandma and Papa, for helping us make our weekend so special.

♥♥♥ Happy Mother's Day!! ♥♥♥

Mother's Day Walk

Connor’s teacher, Ms. Aimee, arranged for a walking field trip to a nearby bakery for Mother’s Day. The boys would go with their mothers on Thursday and the girls would go on Friday. Connor was really excited (as was I)! We met in their class at 9:30 and then walked to Le Mouton Noir French bakery about half a mile away from their school. They had a special table setup for us covered with handmade flowers and gift bags.  They even had a special menu printed just for us! They brought out trays of treats and even had a special tray of gluten free muffins just for Connor. It was awesome and such a sweet excursion with my first baby. 

After we ate Ms. Aimee explained that the bags on the table were for us. The boys found their bags and gave them to us and inside were bracelets that they had made. Then we got our cards.

Adorable. Sounds like I put Connor to work all the time! At least he enjoys it, ha ha ;) The field trip was a great idea and such a special time to spend with Connor.

Addie made me lots of crafts at school last week too!

My own crown! Addie said it was so I could be Queen for a day :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

We kicked off last Friday at Curtis Hixon park again for free concert Friday. Saturday morning Addie and I went to the Aquarium for a birthday party while John and Connor were at baseball. We had fun exploring the aquarium and after the party Addie enjoyed their splash pad. Meanwhile at baseball Connor got the team medal for sportsmanship. That evening we went to our friend’s Housewarming/BBQ. It was a fun filled day!

Team Snake Tigers

On Sunday we attempted to pick blueberries at the U-Pick Blueberry Festival in Plant City but they were all picked out from Saturday’s record attendance :( We walked around the festival for a bit but it was uncomfortably hot so we left. We got out the slip-n-slide when we got home to cool off. We can’t wait for our pool to be warm enough to swim in! 


We had a pretty quiet Easter weekend. The kids were off for a long weekend and while we had planned to go camping the weather did not cooperate. Instead we planted a garden! The kids had fun helping John build the bed and then we all went to Lowe’s to pick our herbs and vegetables. The kids then helped us plant our garden and have assisted with the watering here and there ever since. It’s fun and I love the idea of growing our own herbs and vegetables and the kids are learning how to be healthy eaters (or at least paying more attention these days). They will ask before they eat something if it’s healthy or not – I love it!


On Monday we checked out a new bounce house facility in South Tampa with Reid and Brody.