Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

Ah! It's already Friday...need to get this out before I have another weekend to recap :) Last Friday night we met up with another couple and their kids (Reid and Brody) and went bowling. The kids had so much fun!

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to attend for Courtney (turning 4) and Chloe (turning 2)! The party was at a gymnastics studio and the kids loved every minute of it. Connor was excited that he finally got to do all the fun things his sister does every Saturday morning.

Saturday night was date night for John and I. The kids were having their own play date over at Reid and Brody's.
We got home that night to a HOT house :( It was a miserable night to say the least. We found an A/C company that would come out on Sunday afternoon but he gave us a pretty high estimate so we decided we should take advantage of our home warranty. The downside to that was having to wait another day for relief :( We played around the house but it was crazy hot. Our friends Marti and Chris graciously offered us their home so that evening we stayed with them. The kids had fun and we had a big slumber party in their guest room.

 P.S. Our air was fixed (under warranty) Monday afternoon :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th of July Weekend

We had a nice long holiday weekend. We mostly relaxed on the 4th. We walked to Yogurtology for a cold treat and then had dinner at Aunt Nancy's house where we would later watch fireworks (in the rain). On Friday we took off for Cape Haze to spend the rest of the weekend with Grandma and Papa. Before we left, John found Addie in Connor's room 'reading' a Curious George book. She kinda stopped once she noticed John and kept saying cheeeeese because she thought he was taking her picture, but it's a cute video nonetheless :)
We celebrated Papa's birthday on Saturday. Connor helped Grandma with his cake which he thoroughly enjoyed.

That night we went to Primetime for dinner. Everyone had fun playing a ring toss game after dinner. Then we went back to the house for cake and presents. Connor and John also set off a few small fireworks. Addie watched from inside as she still isn't a big fan of them yet.

We spent a couple of hours at the pool on Sunday and also visited with our friends Jeremy and Danielle before heading back to Tampa. Love four day weekends!!

You can view these and many more of our holiday weekend pictures here.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Still catching up...

I had every intention of doing Wordless Wednesday last night but technology failed me and I couldn't access my pictures. I have a big 4th of July weekend post coming up but wanted to share some pictures between Father's Day and our holiday weekend. Enjoy!



Monday, July 1, 2013

Father's Day

 We had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend up with my parents in Waldo. We spent most of our weekend eating, drinking and relaxing.

My Aunt Alison took these of Addie and John - too cute!

We had most of our family over on Saturday to celebrate a few birthday’s (my dad, Uncle Steve and Uncle Dominique) as well as Father’s Day. My good friend, Jessica, also came over with her girls. It’s always so good to see everyone.


Before we left on Sunday we went to my Uncle Steve’s house to see his new toy – a Club Car! He took us for a spin around his neighborhood and then we hung out down by the lake for a bit. Connor and Addie enjoyed playing in his boat.

Father's Day gifts from Connor (made at school) and yes that is gold glitter

Addie slept in my parents room on a blow up toddler bed and did great! I think she’ll be ready to transition to a big girl bed sooner than later. I’m not sure I’m ready just yet though ;) I hope you had an enjoyable Father's Day weekend!

You can view these and a few more here.