Monday, September 21, 2015

Family Fun

We didn't have much planned on Labor Day and when the day brought us thunderstorms we needed something to do indoors but out of our house -- Bowling!!

Check out that form!

It was a fun couple of hours and nice to do something different with the kids. Gotta keep them on their toes! I will say that Connor was not a great sport when he wasn't winning (beating Addie that is) BUT he still managed to beat me and sadly, I wasn't letting him win :p

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Largo Railroad

The kids and I met up with my friend, Tiffany, and her two boys at Largo Central Park a couple of weekends ago. They have a mini railroad that runs for free the first weekend of every month. I honestly had no idea what to expect but it sounded like fun and worst case scenario, the kids got to run around and expel some of their (everlasting) energy. 

The wait was almost 45 min but well worth it. The railroad was over a mile long, lasted about 10 min and was nothing like I had envisioned :p It had a tunnel, bridge, and several railroad crossings where we waived to passerby's.

After the train ride we let the kids loose on the park playground which was hands down the best playground I have ever been to...and the kids agreed! We were there almost 3 hours and they didn't even get to play on everything. We will definitely be going back!


Yes, that's turf!

Thanks, Tiff, for the impromptu play date. We had a lot of fun! :) 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Glazier Children's Museum

We had some passes to the Glazier museum that we needed to use so we took the kids last Saturday afternoon. They have both been with us before but it was such a long time ago that Addie didn't remember it. Connor had been more recently on a school field trip so he knew what to expect and couldn't wait to show Addie.  

After the museum we walked to a nearby by pizza place and had dinner. It was a fun Saturday night with the kiddos! Below are the kids posing on cement blocks in front of the park. Not sure where Addie gets this pose but she is rocking it a lot lately! :) And Connor appears to be doing the lady liberty :p

You can view these and a few more pics from the museum here. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Birthday, John!

There is a M.C. Escher exhibit going on right now at the Dali museum in downtown St. Pete. John is a big fan of his work and mentioned he'd like to I took him there for his birthday! 

We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside but the exhibit was really good. The museum had a lot of other cool aspects to it as well including the architecture.  After looking at Escher's work we viewed Salvador Dali's work and then walked around the grounds for a bit. We didn't have a whole lot of time as the museum closed at 8 pm but it was a great date and fun to do something different. 

And it was a gorgeous evening!

lizard pic for you mom :)

John's actual birthday fell on a Tuesday so naturally we had Tacos #TacoTuesday

We also celebrated with brownies and ice cream. The pictures below are of the gifts from the kids, Connor and Addie respectively. They each handpicked the items they thought Daddy would like/want down to the card and gift bag! :p

John and I took a long bike ride across the Courtney Campbell bridge going about 12.5 miles. It was a beautiful but hot day! 

Afterwards we had lunch at Boca and celebrated his birthday one more time :) 

Happy Birthday, John!!! We love you more than words can say.