Friday, August 22, 2014

Pool Party

We had our Orlando crew over last month for a little afternoon pool party. I love every minute I get to see them. They are the one thing I miss the most about Orlando. 

Erin, Suong and Kristy

Tim, Erin and Kristy


Savana and Addie

Justin and John

Go Andrew!

We had such a fun day!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

1st Day of Kindergarten!

Connor started Kindergarten on Tuesday!! We were a little bummed that we missed open house last week where we would have met his teacher and seen his classroom but it all worked out in the end. Connor wasn't nervous (at least he didn't appear to be) and there were no tears. I was close though! ;)  

My baby is all grown up! (sniff sniff)

He sat down at his desk and started coloring. He said he was going to color the Grady Tiger for his teacher. He is such a sweet boy!

We're all still trying to adjust to our new schedule of getting up early and doing drop-offs/pickups at two different places. We are also still trying to get after-school squared away for Connor. We thought he would stay at the YMCA latchkey program offered at his school but he HATED it on the first day. They literally sat around and did nothing the rest of the afternoon. I'm sure there is a chance that it was just a first day snafu but we decided to pick him up after school until we figure it out. One of his best friends, Reid, gets picked up by a martial arts program and loves it so we're leaning towards that. They pick up, do homework, have a snack and then have a 45 min Tae Kwon Do session. We like the idea of a structured activity in addition to getting his homework out of the way before we pick him up. And he gets to see his buddy everyday as an added bonus!

I'm hoping to have a little 'down' time this weekend and get caught up on this blog. We've been crazy busy lately so I have lots of pictures to share...stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dinosaur World

I chaperoned Connor's field trip last week to Dinosaur World. It was a hot but fun day! 

Here we are on the bus. I snapped a pic of Connor and then he wanted to take one of me :)

The class walked by this giant puzzle and without any coaching they all started chipping in to put it together. Great teamwork!

In the boneyard!

The kids got to play on the playground after our picnic lunch and then we called it a day.

I had a great time spending the day with Connor :) Afterwards he ran some errands with me before picking up Addie to go to visit Marti and her new baby, Chase. 

Addie was in heaven, she loved holding him! ♥

Monday, August 4, 2014


I did it!!! I'm officially a triathlete :) All our hard work paid off too. The swim wasn't quite like it was in the pool but I felt prepared for the most part. My friends and I stuck out a little bit since we were the only ones that didn't have road bikes but we otherwise hung well with the rest of them.

Everyone getting their transition area ready. Yes, it was still dark!

I didn't do too bad for my first time. I ranked 9th place out of all the female "first-timers" and 36th in my age group. You can see the official results here. There are also some pretty hilarious photos captured by event photographers, you can view those here if you have time to kill

Loren, Sybil and I - my tri partners in crime!

I wasn't in it to win it by any means but I do have a time to beat now :) I've already signed up for my next one and I talked John into joining me! 

Siesta Key Triathlon here we come!