Friday, June 21, 2013

Mother's Day

I woke up (after sleeping until almost 9 am!) on Mother’s Day to a full on breakfast buffet. John and the kids went all out, with eggs, muffins, fruit and croissants. John put Addie in charge of the croissants. He said he hadn’t planned on cooking them all but how could he not when she had so carefully placed them all on the tray.
We didn’t initially have any plans for Mother’s Day except to hang around the house and relax. When Nancy mentioned she was going to meet her parents in Sarasota for lunch, we jumped on the band wagon and decided not to tell Grandma :) We all packed in one car and headed south for lunch. The kids were beyond thrilled to have Aunt Nancy squeezed in between them (literally).

Grandma was definitely surprised to see us. We ate lunch at a Japanese steak house where they cook in front of you. This was a first for the kids and I think they enjoyed it. Connor did anyway, not sure what Addie thought of it. She did enjoy her chopsticks and Edamame though :)


On our way back to Tampa we stopped at the outlet mall in Ellenton. 

Connor wanted ice cream (Addie did not) so we treated him. He picked Superman ice cream and went to town on it.

The man of many faces ;)
All tuckered out


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Look out 2027

John captured this video a couple of weeks ago when we met his parents and Nancy for dinner in Sarasota to celebrate Nancy's birthday. We had finished dinner and were loading up the car when Addie jumped in the front seat. To the best of my knowledge she has never sat in the driver's seat and I definitely wouldn't have thought she knew how to turn up the music. Here is a cute (and scary) glimpse at our future ;)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013