Saturday, September 29, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Connor had his first T-Ball game this morning! They started with a 30 minute practice followed by a 30 minute game. They all did pretty good considering it was their first time ever playing the game...and super cute to watch! He had a blast and it's been all he can talk about since. And he's still wearing his jersey :)

 You can view more pictures here. Connor was wearing jersey #46. He and his buddy, Finn, are on the same team. He is in jersey #41. Thanks, Nancy, for helping me out with pictures today!!


Connor had an accident at school a couple of weeks ago that resulted in stitches. Poor kid sure has seen his fare share of hospitals! He handled it all like a champ though. He really makes all of this easier on us as parents. It's hard enough to see him getting hurt, if he was screaming crying on top of it I'd be a basket case. John took him in while I stayed home with Addie. He said all of the nurses were shocked with how well he behaved and how calm he was throughout the entire procedure. He had to wear a band-aid with numbing cream for almost an hour. Then they did the stitches, 4 total. Five days later we took him in to our pediatrician to have them removed which was once again a non issue to him.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This post is long overdue but work has been sucking up most of my free time these days. We spent the week leading up to Labor Day in Cape Haze with Grandma and Papa. We skipped town due to the Republican National Convention. It was going to be a nightmare for us as the kids daycare is one block from where the convention was being held. I don't know how the city functioned during that time. I'm just glad we didn't have to deal with it. Work granted us permission to work from home and Grandma and Papa helped look after the kids while we worked. We were really lucky we had a refuge. We took the last couple of days off that week to relax and enjoy our time there. Not only was it Labor Day weekend, but it was also John's birthday :)
We had a lot of fun and no one was sick this time. Unless you count Addison throwing up in the car on our way down. Ugh, if it's not one thing (i.e. screaming crying), it's another! But the rest of our time there was enjoyable. We got some beach time, pool time, party time, football time and family time. And both Uncle Andrew and Uncle Mark made appearances at some point during our stay. This will likely be the last time we see Andrew for awhile so it was really good to see him. He moved to NYC this weekend!
John and I even got to sneak in a little kayaking Monday morning before we left. It was a beautiful day and so peaceful through the mangroves. We'll need to do that again!

The rest of the pictures from our long holiday weekend can be seen by clicking here.