Friday, July 27, 2012

4th of July Vacation

So this post is a little overdue but we've been busy!  We had plans to visit our friends Tracy and Rob and their son, Gavin (who is just 2 days older than Addison), in Siesta Key for the actual 4th holiday. I went to college with Tracy and while she lives in Atlanta most of our 'crew' lives in Tampa. They invited the whole gang out for the 4th. Everyone was able to come and bring their kids. Everyone but Connor that is. He wanted to stay with Grandma and Papa. We knew he would have fun with us but thought he'd like one on one time with his grandparents even better. Everyone was disappointed he didn't come except for Addison who loved every second of all of the attention :) We had such a good time and it was so great to see all of my friends. Even though we live in the same city it's hard to see everyone, especially now that most of us have 2 kids. Anyway, we hung out until late afternoon but wanted to get back for dinner and more importantly - fireworks! Connor said he had a great day as we expected. After dinner we left Addison with Grandma and Papa and took Connor to see Englewood's fireworks. Luckily the rain held out and we got to see a pretty good show. As soon as we got in the car it started pouring. It was a great end to a great day.

We spent Thursday at the pool with Grandma. We had the entire place all to ourselves! Connor and Addison had a great time, splashing, jumping, floating...we snacked, Addie snoozed a bit, and if it weren't for the rain clouds we might have stayed there all day. But the afternoon thunderstorm had rolled in so we figured it was a good time to depart and head back so Connor could take a (late) nap. Addie took care of hers poolside :p 

Connor was sleeping good, too good, and by 5 pm we decided to wake him fearing he'd be up all night. He felt warm so we checked his temperature to find he had a fever of 102. He was in such a good mood though that we didn't give him any Tylenol or anything. John and I were going to go see a movie that night so we were eating a little earlier to give me time to bathe Addie and put her to bed before we needed to leave around 7:15 pm. I was upstairs putting Addie down and when I left everyone was sitting at the dinner table talking on the phone with Uncle Andrew. As I came back down around 7 pm I heard Papa telling Andrew he had to go with an odd tone to his voice. He quickly motioned me to come over and said Connor was having convulsions. My heart stopped. The next couple of minutes felt like an eternity. I ran into the kitchen to find John holding Connor on the floor. He was making choking sounds and spitting up a little, shaking...and his eyes were rolled back. I have never been more scared in my whole life. I didn't know what to do! We ended up calling 911 and they arrived within minutes. His seizure only lasted a minute or two but he was completely out of it. He had this blank stare in his eyes that I still can't get out of my head to this day. They wanted him to go to the Emergency Room. The closest pediatric ER was almost 30 minutes away. It was our choice if we wanted him to go in the ambulance or not which we declined. We thought that would scare him but as it turns out he doesn't  remember any of it. He hadn't made any sounds since the seizure and didn't say a word the entire ride which was very unsettling to me. We got to the ER in record time, hitting every light just right, where they took his vitals. It was getting his blood pressure checked that finally produced a sound out of him. He slowly started to come back around after that. He still had a fever around 102 for awhile though. It actually didn't break until Sunday. They ran a few tests for strep and the flu and checked him out but found nothing. It was just a sudden rise in temperature that caused it. And they're genetic. John had them as a baby as did his mom. John's started around 2 1/2 and he got a handful or so more until he was 5, the age most kids outgrow febrile seizures. There is nothing to say Connor will ever have another one, but he could, and that just terrifies me.

After his throat and nose swabs they gave him a Popsicle. The nurse also brought him a syringe of Ibuprofen to which Connor administered to himself. She and another nurse in the room applauded him, said they had never seen something like that before. That's my boy! Thankfully medicine has never bothered him. One less thing to worry about at least! Ha! Once his fever broke and his vitals were good we were discharged. By then it was almost 11:30 pm. Papa came with us to the ER as he knew all the roads and helped us get to the hospital quickly. As we were walking to the car Connor asked why Papa was walking to our car. No one else ever rides with us because of the car seats. But we had ripped Addie's out so I could sit in the back with him so Papa was able to jump up front. Then when we got in the car he asked where Addie's seat was and why was I sitting in the back which proved he didn't recall any of it.

We got home around midnight, just in time to wish Papa Happy Birthday. Connor woke up in a good mood, but still had a fever. He and Grandma made Papa's birthday cake. Uncle Mark arrived later that day too for Papa's birthday. By mid afternoon Connor was pretty lethargic though and ended up skipping dinner and going to bed. We still had cake for Papa's birthday but didn't open gifts. The next day went about the same so we thought we'd celebrate a little earlier in the day. Grandma covered the eaten portion of the cake (so Connor wouldn't know we had already done this once) and we did another birthday celebration for Papa. This time Connor got to blow out the candles! He even got to help him open his gifts which he thoroughly enjoyed. Especially the bubble wrap :)

Needless to say the rest of our 'vacation' was low key. We didn't go anywhere in fear his fever would spike again. As I mentioned earlier his fever didn't break for good until Sunday. Before we left though we took a quick trip to see our friends Jeremy and Danielle, and their baby Jayce. He is about 10 months old and already the same size as Addie! They played together a bit then it was time for us to get going :( We packed up and said our goodbyes.

Even though we only had a couple of photo worthy days I still managed to take a million pictures. Most of the pictures from the beach were taken by my friends. Click here to view many many many more pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, July 13, 2012

15 Months!

Addie had her 15 month checkup this past Monday. A little late as she turned 15 months on June 26th but we couldn't get an appointment any sooner. The doctor was impressed with how much she is talking already. She indicated saying 10 - 15 words would be good. Addie is already saying phrases! Even if she can't say it she has a way of letting you know exactly what she is talking about :)

Waiting for the doctor...

Connor's "sad" face. Check out that hair!

Still happy at this point....the doctor had not yet arrived!
It was all fun and games until the doctor came in. For whatever reason Addison still hates the doctor. And we don't even see the same doctor every time. She must know what's coming...shots! She cried throughout most of our visit and even threw her first tantrum, throwing herself on the floor and everything. I should have taken a picture of that! As it turns out she had a double ear infection. Who knew? She certainly wasn't acting sick and didn't have any symptoms. My kids and their ear infections. Geez. She wants us back in 2 weeks for a recheck, to make sure they are going away completely after antibiotics. I guess her fear is perhaps this one is the same one she had last month that's just been hanging around. We'll see! I asked her to check her gums to see if she thought she had any teeth coming in. She didn't think so but I swear Addie has been "teething" for weeks now. She still only has 6 teeth! I don't think we've seen a new one since February.
New stats:
Height: 29.25 inches (14th percentile)
Weight:  20 lbs (9th percentile)
I'm not as excited about the 20 lb mark as you'd think I'd be. She was 20 lbs with her diaper on and fully clothed. Shoes too. So she's probably only 19 - 19.5 lbs. Doesn't matter as much anymore as we've already adjusted her car seat so that she is forward facing. It hasn't quieted her down completely in the car but it has made our trips much more endurable.
It seems like she has matured a lot in the last month or so. Part of it may be her ability to communicate her wants/needs. She and Connor play together really well too. It is so sweet to watch. And she loves to dance! The second she hears any music she starts bopping to the beat. Especially if you egg her on. All it takes is saying "Go, Addie. Go, Addie. Go, go, go, Addie."
I have a short video I want to share. I actually had two but I'm having problems uploading both of them. The kids were playing peek-a-boo at dinner last night. I only wish we had started recording earlier. By the time we thought to do so the game had already gotten 'old' but they were still being cute.
Have a great weekend, enjoy!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Play Date

We had a play date at the beach last Saturday with another couple we met at daycare. They have kids the same age as Connor and Addison. Connor and Reid used to be in the same class but are in different classes since turning 3. Addison and Brody are the same age too but have not been in the same class yet. They get to interact with one another at the end of the day when they combine classes though. We all had a great time. It was fun going with another couple with kids the same age. Connor and Reid get along really well. 

Reid 'burying' John :)
You can view a few more pictures from our day here. We're heading out tonight to stay with Grandma and Papa for the rest of the week. I, for one, am looking forward to having 5 straight days off from work. I'm pretty sure John is too :) I hope you all have a fun and safe 4th!!!