Friday, July 13, 2012

15 Months!

Addie had her 15 month checkup this past Monday. A little late as she turned 15 months on June 26th but we couldn't get an appointment any sooner. The doctor was impressed with how much she is talking already. She indicated saying 10 - 15 words would be good. Addie is already saying phrases! Even if she can't say it she has a way of letting you know exactly what she is talking about :)

Waiting for the doctor...

Connor's "sad" face. Check out that hair!

Still happy at this point....the doctor had not yet arrived!
It was all fun and games until the doctor came in. For whatever reason Addison still hates the doctor. And we don't even see the same doctor every time. She must know what's coming...shots! She cried throughout most of our visit and even threw her first tantrum, throwing herself on the floor and everything. I should have taken a picture of that! As it turns out she had a double ear infection. Who knew? She certainly wasn't acting sick and didn't have any symptoms. My kids and their ear infections. Geez. She wants us back in 2 weeks for a recheck, to make sure they are going away completely after antibiotics. I guess her fear is perhaps this one is the same one she had last month that's just been hanging around. We'll see! I asked her to check her gums to see if she thought she had any teeth coming in. She didn't think so but I swear Addie has been "teething" for weeks now. She still only has 6 teeth! I don't think we've seen a new one since February.
New stats:
Height: 29.25 inches (14th percentile)
Weight:  20 lbs (9th percentile)
I'm not as excited about the 20 lb mark as you'd think I'd be. She was 20 lbs with her diaper on and fully clothed. Shoes too. So she's probably only 19 - 19.5 lbs. Doesn't matter as much anymore as we've already adjusted her car seat so that she is forward facing. It hasn't quieted her down completely in the car but it has made our trips much more endurable.
It seems like she has matured a lot in the last month or so. Part of it may be her ability to communicate her wants/needs. She and Connor play together really well too. It is so sweet to watch. And she loves to dance! The second she hears any music she starts bopping to the beat. Especially if you egg her on. All it takes is saying "Go, Addie. Go, Addie. Go, go, go, Addie."
I have a short video I want to share. I actually had two but I'm having problems uploading both of them. The kids were playing peek-a-boo at dinner last night. I only wish we had started recording earlier. By the time we thought to do so the game had already gotten 'old' but they were still being cute.
Have a great weekend, enjoy!


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