Friday, February 21, 2014

❤ Valentine's Day ❤

The kids have been sick so we’ve been laying low lately. We did have some fun with Valentine’s Day last week though. Connor’s homework assignment was to create a box for his Valentines to go in. He, of course, wanted his to be decorated like a trashy. I say ‘of course’ because he loves trashies right now. You may not know it but I do ;) It’s even the theme of his 5th birthday party next month! He picked out the trashy he wanted to model, Oozy Noodle, and John helped turn his vision into reality. They did a great job! We also made valentine caterpillars for the grandparents and Aunt Nancy. Connor cut out the hearts and Addie glued them!

His class invited the parents to The Wedding of Q & U but unfortunately I couldn't make it. John went and took some pictures and videos for me and from what I could tell it was an adorable event! I tried to upload the videos but they are too big. They went all out for the event creating bow ties and boutineer's for the boys and head pieces for the girls. They even made cute VIP (Very Important Parent) passes for the moms and dads. Later they all exchanged valentines and had a small party. Addie’s class exchanged valentines too and they made their treat bags in class. 

Addie got to attend the wedding too :)

John spoiled me with roses and wine but also got me a couple of rose bushes for Valentine’s Day. I love getting flowers but I love them even more when they will last. He also got Addie sunflowers, a balloon and a stuffed doggy which thrilled her. Connor also got a balloon and a stuffed bear but wondered where his flowers were :p We had  a yummy steak dinner at home and then went to a movie (Nancy watched the kiddos). We saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. It was pretty good! After dinner we had a glass of wine and a shared a slice of cheesecake at the Wine Studio before calling it a night.

Last weekend I took the kids to see the new Lego Movie. It was pretty good and the theme song is very catchy….”Everything is Awesome!” Kids had a good time too :p I never see movies in the theater and saw two in one weekend! When we left for the movies it looked like it was going to be a dreary day but it turned out to be a gorgeous weekend. John planted my rose bushes and I have already started reaping the benefits and having fresh flowers at work :) 

In other news Addie has been officially potty trained for almost a month now. Her first full day was on my birthday which was the perfect gift! :p She was still wearing diapers at night but mostly because I still had some. She has been 100% diaper free for over a week now and no accidents yet!

Connor and Addie are just growing up too fast for me. We attended Connor’s Kindergarten Roundup a couple of weeks ago and the boys are already fighting over Addie! John dropped her off at school last week and one of her girlfriends said “There’s my Addie!” when they walked in. One of the boys said, “No, that’s my Addie!” and then another boy exclaimed "No, that's my Addie!" and both boys got up and started fighting! And I’m in the middle of planning their 5th and 3rd birthdays!!!

We are taking our first family road trip/vacation to North Carolina next week. We leave tomorrow morning and will stop to visit family and friends all along the way. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I’m excited to see family and for the kids to see snow for the first time but a little nervous about the long days in the car. If you have been keeping up with me over the last couple of years you know that Addie is not great in the car. Wish us luck!

The next time I blog I will have a 5 year old...crazy! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monster Jam

We attended our third Monster Jam this past Saturday. The appeal is not as high for Connor as it used to be but he still had fun. We all did for that matter. We normally hit up the first show (they have two in Tampa) but opted for the second one this year so we could go to the Gasparilla kids parade. We also had a bigger crew this year so tail gating was more fun but I personally think we missed the better show. You live and you learn :)

Connor has pulled out his monster trucks since the show and Addie is right there with him wanting to play. Even though she enjoys his trucks and would have probably liked the show we didn't think she was quite ready for the loud noise and staying up late. She has watched enough of our videos to know what they are all about though and she says she wants to go next year. Thanks you, Aunt Nancy, for taking care of and spoiling her while we were at the show!

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