Monday, February 3, 2014

Monster Jam

We attended our third Monster Jam this past Saturday. The appeal is not as high for Connor as it used to be but he still had fun. We all did for that matter. We normally hit up the first show (they have two in Tampa) but opted for the second one this year so we could go to the Gasparilla kids parade. We also had a bigger crew this year so tail gating was more fun but I personally think we missed the better show. You live and you learn :)

Connor has pulled out his monster trucks since the show and Addie is right there with him wanting to play. Even though she enjoys his trucks and would have probably liked the show we didn't think she was quite ready for the loud noise and staying up late. She has watched enough of our videos to know what they are all about though and she says she wants to go next year. Thanks you, Aunt Nancy, for taking care of and spoiling her while we were at the show!

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