Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gasparilla Children's Parade


We attended our first Gasparilla Children's parade this past weekend. We are normally at Monster Jam but decided to go to a later show this year so we could check out the parade. Not sure what Gasparilla is all about? You can click here to read up on it's history.  

It was one of the coldest day's we have had so far and thankfully the sun was out but once the sun went down we froze! The kids had a blast though and didn't mind the cold one bit. The parade ended around 6 pm but the "Piratechnic" extravaganza wasn't until 7 pm so we just hung out and let the kids play. We walked over a mile to get to where we were for the parade so it wasn't exactly a quick jaunt back to the car. The fireworks were worth the wait. They were amazing! It was a perfect ending to a fun day with the kids.

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