Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bike Ride


Connor has gotten pretty good on his bike (as far as following the rules go, he is still in training wheels) so we decided to bike up to the park a few weekends ago. It is only .75 miles from our house and we only have to cross one main road.  Connor followed behind me (with Addie and Zoey in tow) and John was behind him making sure he stopped and looked both ways when he needed to. He did great!

The kids had fun at the park and Zoey was in a whole new world. We stayed for about an hour before heading back for lunch. Connor doesn't really nap anymore and more or less 'rests' when we make him but not that day. He was out like a light! 

Zoey rode in the back on our way home. I guess she bothered Addie a little too much :p
I got a new child carrier for Christmas that I'm dying to try out. The bike trailer has been fine but now that it is just Addie riding it will be much easier to get out and go with her on my bike. We haven't had great weather lately but hopefully I'll get an opportunity soon! I'm looking forward to many more bike rides with the kids.

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