Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

Ah! It's already Friday...need to get this out before I have another weekend to recap :) Last Friday night we met up with another couple and their kids (Reid and Brody) and went bowling. The kids had so much fun!

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to attend for Courtney (turning 4) and Chloe (turning 2)! The party was at a gymnastics studio and the kids loved every minute of it. Connor was excited that he finally got to do all the fun things his sister does every Saturday morning.

Saturday night was date night for John and I. The kids were having their own play date over at Reid and Brody's.
We got home that night to a HOT house :( It was a miserable night to say the least. We found an A/C company that would come out on Sunday afternoon but he gave us a pretty high estimate so we decided we should take advantage of our home warranty. The downside to that was having to wait another day for relief :( We played around the house but it was crazy hot. Our friends Marti and Chris graciously offered us their home so that evening we stayed with them. The kids had fun and we had a big slumber party in their guest room.

 P.S. Our air was fixed (under warranty) Monday afternoon :)

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