Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day Walk

Connor’s teacher, Ms. Aimee, arranged for a walking field trip to a nearby bakery for Mother’s Day. The boys would go with their mothers on Thursday and the girls would go on Friday. Connor was really excited (as was I)! We met in their class at 9:30 and then walked to Le Mouton Noir French bakery about half a mile away from their school. They had a special table setup for us covered with handmade flowers and gift bags.  They even had a special menu printed just for us! They brought out trays of treats and even had a special tray of gluten free muffins just for Connor. It was awesome and such a sweet excursion with my first baby. 

After we ate Ms. Aimee explained that the bags on the table were for us. The boys found their bags and gave them to us and inside were bracelets that they had made. Then we got our cards.

Adorable. Sounds like I put Connor to work all the time! At least he enjoys it, ha ha ;) The field trip was a great idea and such a special time to spend with Connor.

Addie made me lots of crafts at school last week too!

My own crown! Addie said it was so I could be Queen for a day :)

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