Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lowry Park Zoo

The kids school was closed this past Friday (for Easter) and Monday (for teacher workday). Four day weekend? I'll take it! Connor's buddy, Finn, was going to the zoo with his Mommy who invited us to join them and a few of her friends with boys all around the same age. I left Addison at home with Daddy so Connor and I could have some quality time together. We got there about an hour before the other kids so we had time to go look at some animals and explore the zoo a bit just the two of us. We saw a couple of rhino's, a tiger, a comodo dragon, birds and orangutans. He really liked the birds and wanted to hold and chase them. Neither of which he could do but something tells me if I wasn't watching him so closely he would have tried ;) He even got a picture with the Easter bunny!

After meeting up with Finn the boys headed straight for the kids area. First they rode the carousel together and then we headed to the banana car ride to meet up with the rest of the gang. Connor and Finn have so much fun together and today was no exception! After the rides we headed off to feed the giraffe's. That was so cool! Connor held out a piece of lettuce and the giraffe ate it straight from his hand! After the giraffe's the boys got another treat - ice cream! They were so cute standing next to one another trying to decide what they wanted. It was pretty late in the day at that point so we headed to the water area which we saved for last. Connor and Finn had fun running around and getting wet. I didn't bring Connor's bathing suit though and he didn't like the way his shorts felt all wet so he took them off and ran around in his underwear :p After drying off the boys rode the banana car ride one last time before saying their goodbye's. They are just so cute together!

Connor and I had a really fun day together. You can see more of our zoo pictures here.


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