Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post Easter Egg/Beer Hunt

Say what? Yep, we attended a post Easter egg/beer hunt a couple of weekends ago at the LaBarbera's. It's an annual event for them and we were excited to finally be a part of it! Well, Connor and I that is. Poor Addie got sick that Friday with a fever so she and Daddy stayed home. We didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick. Connor had a blast though! The little kids had fun with their egg hunt and the big kids, aka adults, had fun hunting for beer! They also had a couple of bounce houses but Connor's favorite part of the whole party was getting to drive Ava's jeep!


Silly face!
The big kids with their "baskets" hunting for beer!

Connor taking Courtney for a ride :)

More fun egg/beer hunt pictures here.

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