Thursday, April 12, 2012


We went into Easter weekend without much planned. The kids had an Easter egg hunt at school but I wanted to see them in action myself. I also wanted to dye eggs but Connor didn't want anything to do with it and Addison is too young. And we don't really have a yard that is conducive to egg hunts so I thought we were out of luck. My friend Jen, however, graciously invited us to join them at their neighbors house for a mini egg hunt on Saturday. I jumped at the offer - thank you Jen!!!! It was a beautiful day for it too! When it was time the kids all went scrambling to find their eggs. It was so much fun to watch. Even Addie teetered around collecting eggs.


After nap time we took the kids to the park for a bit and then got ice cream :) That night we asked Connor what he thought the Easter bunny was going to bring him. He said a dog Monster Truck (which he has been wanting for awhile now...but we can't find!). The next morning Connor got up and joined me in Addison's room. I asked him if the Easter bunny came and he ran out to the living room to find out. Bebe had found the dog Monster Truck so we had put that in his basket amongst other things. I was expecting to hear him shout with excitement but he just came back into Addie's room looking disappointed and carrying a Hot Wheel. He said the Easter bunny didn't bring him his dog Monster Truck. I lead him back out to help him investigate. When he finally saw the truck he was beyond excited! He checked out the rest of his goodies and then helped his sister with hers.


We fixed waffles for breakfast and later had our Easter dinner for lunch. Why for lunch? Because the boys decided they were going to go camping! The weather was perfect and we had Monday off. They were going to camp at Ft De Soto and the plan was for Addison and I to join them in the morning and then go to the beach together. So the boys packed up and left and Addie and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing. She was quite whiny though as her tooth was still really bothering her. But she was happy outside so we spent a lot of time on the porch and went for a walk. Connor has several of his Monster Trucks lined up in the sand box and never lets Addison touch them. The first thing she did when she got in the sandbox was toss out each one of them. It was hilarious! I, of course, put them all back when she was done. I didn't want to hear about it when Connor got back home :p The next morning we drove to meet up with the boys. I'll save all that for another post though. To be continued...

There are many more Easter weekend pictures here.

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