Sunday, April 8, 2012

Well Visits

Connor and Addison both had their well visits last week. Connor did great, Addie not so much. For whatever reason she was not having it that day. She cried almost the entire time we were there. It didn't help that they pricked her toe to test for iron and then gave her 3 shots: one in her thigh and one in each arm. Connor was so sweet and kept trying to comfort her, but nothing was going to do it, not this time.

Connor's stats:
Height:  37 inches (34th percentile)
Weight:  33 lbs (62nd percentile)

Addison's stats:
Height:  28.25 inches (22nd percentile)
Weight:  18 lbs 5 oz (9th percentile)

Addie is following her growth curve to the T as she was in the 23rd and 9th percentiles, respectively, back at her 9 month well visit. Yes, 18 lbs means she is still rear facing in the car and will likely be so until she is at least 15 months. She is doing much better in the car and for all we know she will hate it just as much when she's forward facing but we still have hope. I have a cute car story actually. We were driving home a couple weeks ago and the song "If You're Happy and You Know It" was playing. We thought we heard Addie singing along to it, listened more intently, and sure enough she was! Her favorite line is shouting "Hooray!" Now we sing it with her all the time, she loves it. We've had a couple of rough nights lately. We think she's getting another tooth, a molar more specifically. It better make it's debut soon. Teething and Addison don't mix well. Otherwise she is doing fantastic. She is so sweet and easy going. She eats almost anything you give her, just not a lot of it. We are having a little difficulty transitioning her to a sippy cup but she's getting better everyday. She is a full on walker now and a fast little thing too! She doesn't exactly look like she has a lot of balance but she hardly ever falls and if she does she gets right back up instead of crawling the rest of the way. 

Connor is still 100% potty trained. He hasn't even had more than a couple of accidents and both of those were in the first couple of days. I guess I just keep waiting for him to revert back or something, like this is all a fluke, but it doesn't appear so. I just can't get over how much he has grown up in the last year. From just forming sentences to carrying on full conversations at dinner, he surprises us with some of the things he says! If he sees us with our laptops out he says he wants to work, or look something up - too cute! If you ask him what he wants to look up it is usually Monster Trucks :) Daddy got him started on that by showing him videos on YouTube. He started soccer last week at school and seems to really like it. I'll have to sneak in one day to get some pictures. We're talking about enrolling him in swimming classes too, we just need to find the time.

In the last couple of weeks both kids have transitioned into new rooms at school. We love Connor's new teacher so far but don't have the same positive vibes from Addie's quite yet. Four other babies moved up with Addison so that probably helped her but she LOVED her last teacher. She's doing okay so far though. In addition to the transition to a sippy cup she also lost her crib and dropped a nap time! Lots of changes for her. Thankfully Connor moved up with his best buddies, Finn and Ethan. If you ask him he'll tell you he likes his new teacher better so that's a good sign. All in all the kids are both doing great. I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for us!

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