Friday, April 13, 2012


I asked John to write a little blurb about their camping trip last weekend as he was there and I was not:

Last week we had a bit of a cold front that came through and left perfect weather for the weekend…low 80’s during the day and low 60’s at night.  So, Connor and I decided to take the opportunity for his first camping trip.  Fort Desoto Park is usually really hard to get into without reservations way in advance, but since it was a Sunday night they had a couple sites left.  I wish we would have had more time there, but by the time Connor woke up from his nap and I finished packing the car it was already mid-afternoon.  We got to Fort Desoto about 4:00 and Connor wanted to do some exploring right away so we checked out our site (which was right on the bay) and the facilities.  After that we set up our tent…Connor put all the poles together all by himself and helped me pound in the stakes.  We then had a little snack and hung our trash from a post (thinking it was okay in broad daylight with people everywhere) and headed to the playground for awhile.  Upon returning to camp, there was a raccoon waiting for us.  He had ripped a hole in our trash bag and finished the last bite of Connor’s yogurt.  Connor wanted to chase him, but I told him not to since raccoons out and about during the day usually aren’t safe to mess with.  So, we hung out at camp for awhile before cooking some hot dogs and baked beans on the grill.  Time flew by and it was soon dark enough to start a fire and make smores.  Connor loved them but decided they took too long to make, so we just ate the marshmallows and Hershey squares out of the bag.  By this time it was pitch black and Connor was getting pretty scared of all the noises around us caused by the other campers and nearby animals.  His big concern was that a raccoon might come over and bite us…he was scared enough that he wanted to get in the tent and go to bed.  So, we cleaned up and called it a night after playing with monster trucks in the tent for awhile.  The next morning we had breakfast, kicked the soccer ball around for awhile and then started taking down camp.  Stacy and Addison were on their way over to meet us for a day at the beach.  As we were leaving I got a text from Aunt Nancy asking how the night went, Connor said he wanted to talk to her so I called her and handed the phone to him.  I’m pretty sure that Nancy only understood about ½ of the conversation because Connor was so excited and rambling on as fast as he could about our adventures (most of the conversation centered around the raccoons that we had seen).  Overall, we had a great little trip and both are looking forward to going again.

Addison and I joined them Monday morning and together we headed to the beach. It was so fun to hear Connor tell me all about his camping experience. You could tell he had a really good time. We setup down by the water, not exactly the "beach" but close enough. The kids had a lot of fun in the sand, especially Addie though. And every time she saw a bird she would wave. Connor enjoyed pushing her around in the water float. She is in heaven anytime he pays attention to her. We packed up later that afternoon and Addison and I headed home. The boys were going to explore the park a bit more and check out the fort.
What a great four day weekend! Click here to see more of the boys camping trip and our day at the beach.

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