Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Addison!

We celebrated Addison's 1st birthday this past weekend. We had a small party at our house with family. We planned the party around her normal nap times so she wouldn't be tired or fussy. We could never do that with Connor because he never napped on a regular schedule for us. We've been thankful for that this go around :) She must have known she had a busy day ahead of her as she napped for almost 2 hours before the party! She woke up to a house full of people and couldn't have been in a better mood. She showed off her big girl eating over lunch, then with her walking afterwards. She was a little weary when we all gathered around her and started singing Happy Birthday though. Connor helped her blow out her candle and slowly but surely she tasted her first cupcake :) After cake she opened her presents, again with the help of her big brother. He couldn't wait to help her rip into her gifts. She was funny about it, she had to be sitting in her rocking chair for the whole thing. If I got her out she climbed right back in. Shortly after gifts we said our goodbyes. It was so good to have both sets of grandparents here. Connor and Addison were both in hog heaven.


Grandma and Papa stayed the night and in the morning we all went out for breakfast. They left shortly after and the kids took their naps. It was such a beautiful day out that we didn't want to be cooped up indoors. So after naps we headed to Busch Gardens! I love having season passes plus the time change worked in our favor. We mixed it up a bit this time and instead of heading straight to the Sesame Street kids area we took the train ride that goes around the park. It was a little long but worth doing once. John or Connor would point to something and seconds later Addie would point. She didn't know what she was pointing at but it was cute nonetheless. Connor tried out another big boy ride and then hit up some of his favs including the bounce house and sandbox. Before leaving we let him splash through the kid water zone. He loved that, we'll have to leave more time for that next time.


Overall a very fun weekend. I still can't believe my Addie is already one year old though. She and Connor both have their well visits next week so I'll report back with their stats. Click here to view a million more pictures of our weekend with the birthday girl. Well, maybe not a million but there are a lot. They were all too cute not to share (in my opinion).

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet, little princess, Addison!

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