Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

Where does the time go these days? Seems to be flying by in our household! Before I get too behind I just wanted to share our pictures from last weekend. We mostly hung out around the house. Connor and Daddy bought sand to fill our kiddie pool with, so the kids had fun playing in their new sand box. Saturday we went to Chelsea's 3rd birthday party held at Gymboree. We knew Connor would have fun but so did Addison!

Connor climbing our grapefruit tree
Ready for the party!
Addie also hit the 11 month mark on Sunday. She is still just taking steps here and there but her confidence is growing. It won't be long now! I'm still working on a video. She thinks it is hilarious though to take a few steps and then lung herself forward. It's really cute and funny but definitely causing some delay :p

No new teeth this past month but we can see one up top about to pop through. That will make 6 total. She only weighs about 17 lbs - petite little thing! And she has tiny little feet too! I had to buy her shoes for school and I couldn't believe she was only a size 2. I'm pretty sure Connor was at least a 4 by this age. I shouldn't be too surprised I guess as I have small feet. Maybe one day we can share shoes ;)


 You can view many many more pictures here. Connor turns 3 tomorrow!!!! Stay tuned for an upcoming birthday post!

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