Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy Busy Bees

It feels like it has been forever since I've updated this and I apologize to my dedicated readers. We have been super busy lately and the blog had to be put on hold. So to back it up a couple of weekends ago, we took the kids to Busch Gardens for the first time. Connor had a blast! We headed straight to their Sesame Street area and never left :) Connor rode all the rids he could...even the ones he had to go on all by himself! Addie had fun cheering him on....and it wore her out :)

We also took Connor to Toys R Us to get some birthday ideas. He got so excited over EVERYTHING! It was so cute, but he didn't get excited over the one thing we thought we wanted to get him. A bike. It was a good thing we brought him in to check it out or we would have wasted our money. He just isn't interested...not yet anyway. All he wanted to buy were Monster trucks!

We also took Connor bowling for the first time. That was a lot of fun! We went with the Fussell's and Peper's. It was perfect as it was freezing outside and we didn't want to be cooped up in the house all day.

Addie also got her first shiner....or so we thought. She woke up Sunday morning with a big red bump over her eye. We thought she banged her head against her crib as the swelling worsened throughout the day. Monday morning was even worse but by the end of the day the swelling had subsided and there was a noticeable red dot. It was completely gone by Tuesday morning so it must have been a bite of some sort. Either way, poor baby. It didn't seem to bother her one bit though! She's one tough cookie :)

Last weekend John took care of the kids while I went to Orlando. Kudos to John. It's a tough job flying solo! A lot of work anyway. I was there for some wedding festivities for Erin, one of my best friends. First was her bridal shower brunch. We went with a Parisian chic theme and it turned out fabulous! All our hard work planning paid off :) And Erin looked amazing. I've never seen her so happy. Then we whisked her away for spa day and ended the night with her bachelorette party which was tons of fun. A very fun weekend, but very tiring. I was so ready to get home to relax and unwind but by the time I got back from Orlando Addie had developed a fever and was in need of lots of TLC. And I was ready to give some! I missed my babies!

You can view more pictures of the kids here. You can also view pictures from the shower and bachelorette party here.

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  1. BEST Weekend EVER!!!
    Love ya!