Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas: Part II

We had another nice and relaxing Christmas at Papa and Grandma's house this year.

Ready for Santa!

After the kids were tucked into bed it was down to Santa Central (aka the basement) to wrap and build a bike!

The kids were so excited Christmas morning. Their stockings were hung on the stairs so they saw those first thing but Addie breezed right by hers. She was on a mission to see if Santa had eaten the cookies...and walked right by her bike without notice! She was happy to see he had eaten the cookies but quickly noticed the reindeer had not eaten all of their carrots. We pointed out her bike and she was speechless :) She quickly got on it and rode around the house. I was impressed! I don't recall Connor having that skill ;)

We let the kids open their gifts from Santa but waited for Uncle Mark and his girlfriend, Irene, to get there to open the remaining. The kids never once complained but they had plenty to do and play with in the meantime :)


Irene and Nancy - Cheers!

Opening gifts was fun! We are very fortunate to be able to spoil one another like this. We were only missing Uncle Andrew and Ashley, who live up in NYC, but we Facetimed (is that a word?) with them later that evening and 'exchanged' gifts over the phone. Love technology! 

We enjoyed another one of Grandma's delicious turkey dinners later that afternoon.

Facetime with Andrew and Ashley!

My cutie pops :)

You can view these and the rest of our Christmas pictures here. I have to give a huge thank you to H for lending me one of his cameras on Christmas day. Without it I would have had nothing but cell phone pics as I had forgotten my camera in Tampa. Thank you, H! 
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday - we sure did!

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