Friday, January 9, 2015

Tennis Camp

The kids got to participate in a tennis camp with H while we were visiting Grandma and Papa over the holidays. 

Addison was more excited than Connor and on the day of, Connor was actually trying to get out of going. Roles reversed by the time we got there though! Addie turned shy and didn't want to participate and Connor practically ran onto the courts. Kids.

Stretching and warming up

Bounce, Hit

Addie started warming up to the idea....

When it was time to collect the balls, Connor ran into the stands and grabbed Addie. He told her she can help him pick up some balls and would have fun playing tennis. They went back out onto the courts hand-in-hand. My heart was exploding, how sweet of her big brother! After that she stayed on the courts and enjoyed the remainder of time playing tennis.

My phone then died so I didn't get anymore pics or videos :( Connor and Addison had a great time though!

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