Monday, January 12, 2015


Meet Marley, the newest member of the Gumula family! 

Zoey never phased him! And Zoey? She is a bit jealous but loves having him around. One of the reasons we got him was for Zoey to have a friend :) It's been a year since we lost Jackson and the timing was finally right. And the kids have been asking for a cat for as long as I can remember. John and I both had a week off from work and were able to find the right cat and had the time to make him feel at home.

We were all expecting a much smaller kitten, however, Marley was not so small when we got him. The rescue service we got him from thinks he is part bangle and could get up to 16 lbs!

He is a very sweet cat and has fit right in with the family. Connor didn't initially want him to ever be in his bed but he and Marley have truly bonded. Marley follows him everywhere and Connor couldn't be more ecstatic about it. Don't worry, Addison has picked up the slack with Zo Zo. Connor says Marley is his and Addie says Zoey is hers. There is enough love to go around!

Fast friends :)

 Those who play together, nap together

Marley watching me work

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