Monday, December 29, 2014


I just realized I never posted the pictures from our visit to Santa this year! Geeez Well, here they are :p We waited in a very long line at the Frozen Ice Palace to see Santa. Daddy held our spot while the kids and I walked the mall and let them run wild in the kid play area. After an hour or so Santa took a break to feed his reindeer. Seriously. Okay, I realize the man needs a break but this seemed like the worst timing. We went after work on a Monday so we're talking 6:30 pm here the week before Christmas. Wouldn't you think maybe he should take a break before the holiday rush after work? So the kids took a dinner break themselves and were treated to Chick-fil-a. 

Luckily the kids were in good spirits and had fun all throughout. Once back in line they got to play with snow and sing and dance to Frozen songs. Happy kids!


Addie was looking forward to telling Santa what she wanted. Last year we were so focused on her not crying that we never even pushed actually talking to him! She told him she wanted a Frozen sign (we think she meant poster) but what she really wanted was a bike. All the Frozen movie paraphernalia in line didn't help! She does love the movie though and I was just happy she spoke to him! Connor told him he wanted weapons. Yep, that's right. Weapons. Santa said 'What kind of play weapons?' Connor said, 'No, real weapons.' Sigh. I really don't have a dangerous son, I swear! He's just into Clash of Clans and Minecraft right now :)

So that was that, we could check Santa off our to do list for the holidays. 

Ho Ho Ho

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