Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty full weekend. If we weren't out and about we were busy playing at home. If you asked Connor what he wanted to do at any given time he would say 'paint.' So he painted. Addie practiced walking behind her push toy. Short video clip of that below. 


Addie came with me to a baby shower luncheon for Tiffany on Saturday. We both had fun. She was a perfect little angel sitting in her high chair.

On Sunday we made a quick trip to the St. Pete pier. Nothing like free outdoor entertainment. They had a live band and it was a beautiful day out. Connor had fun running up and down the dock. Addie had fun dancing to the music.

We started introducing real solids to Addie. I snapped a before picture from spaghetti night but forgot to take one afterwards. She had fun getting messy and squishing the food between her fingers :) Not sure she actually ate much. She did like her avocado though!

I have more pictures to share here. The series of photos at the end aren't great but entertaining. I was attempting to get a picture of Connor and Addison sitting with their Daddy. I'll just say it didn't happen....enjoy!

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