Tuesday, January 3, 2012

9 Months!

Addison turned 9 months old the day after Christmas. Since last month she has started cruising along furniture and mastering standing unsupported! The other day she was standing and let go of her support only to realize she wasn't holding onto anything and lowered herself down with full control. It's amazing to me how quickly she picks up on things. We have pulled out the push toys now that Christmas is over and our decorations are down. Once she figures those out I'm sure walking will soon follow.

Connor and Addison shopping with Mommy & Daddy at Sam's
Addison has outgrown her ducky bath and now just sits in the tub. She loves it! She loves to crawl about and splash as much as she can! She has even joined Connor a time or two but she just annoys him so it isn't a nightly ritual. It's almost comical how easily she can annoy him at times. She only has to look in the direction of his toys for him to freak out. That probably won't ever change :) It's like she knows it so she only wants to play with his toys. If you set her in her room she will immediately start to crawl towards her brothers. He truly loves his sister though, that is when she isn't trying to "eat" his toys. He gives her hugs all the time and will flat out say "I love my Addison." Melts my heart every time.

She still only has 2 teeth. They don't seem to be bothering her as much these days so she's getting a little break for the moment. That or she is getting used to the pain. I hope it's the latter. She isn't a big eater but loves to feed herself. I think we'll be transitioning from purees to table food soon.

Addison has been working on waving bye bye for awhile but now seems to use it appropriately. She started to crawl out of her room the other day so I said "bye bye Addie." She stopped in her tracks to sit up and turn to wave bye bye to me, then carried on her way. She also loves to play peek-a-boo and patty-cake. Both will surely bring a smile to her face every time. And she is really ticklish! I just love to hear her laugh.

Below is a video of Addie on a swing for the first time. I can't believe it took 9 months to get her on a swing but I guess that is all a part of moving....or being the second child. We used to have a swing in our backyard so surely she would have enjoyed this sooner had we not moved. Maybe if the mosquito's weren't so bad here we would take them to the park more. Whatever the case may be she thoroughly enjoyed it. More swing time for Addie in the near future :) 

9 month checkup stats:

Height:  26.75 inches (23rd percentile)
Weight:  16 lbs 3 oz (9th percentile)
Head:  16.75 inches (12th percentile) 

She only gained 1.75 lbs since her 6 month checkup. At this rate our princess will never get to turn around in her car seat! The car seat should be rear facing until your child is 1 year old AND over 20 lbs. She's not even close. Oh well, we're kind of getting used to her crying in the car :p I will give her some credit, she has gotten a lot better but I know it will make a huge difference when she can face forward. Not only will she be able to see us but we will have the option of distracting her with the DVD player!

Here is a link to a few more recent pictures of Addison.

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