Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

The Cordeau's invited us and the Peper's over to spend New Year's Eve with them. On our way over we stopped and picked up some fireworks for the kids. Connor loves fireworks. He got so excited when he heard them going off the night before so we knew we had to get some. We had fun in the car telling Connor to shout "Happy New Year" when we got there. He wanted to say "Happy Birthday." Naturally he wouldn't say either once we got there but it was fun practicing :)


Courtney got a bounce house from Santa so the kids had fun playing on that. Addison had fun on their swing (yes, this was where she first enjoyed her first ride!). All of the kids had fun playing with their toys and running around the house together. I hope you all had a fun night too! Here is a link to more pictures from our evening. 

Happy New Year!!!

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