Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas: Part II

We spent our Christmas holiday in Cape Haze with the Gumula family. Everyone was there, even Andrew who usually has to work. It was a really nice, long, relaxing weekend. I think I was most excited that neither of my kids were sick. Well, not sick enough to ruin Christmas anyway. Connor was still recovering from his surgery but he handled that all like a champ. He even administered his own medicine! With adult supervision of course ;) He was so sick last year we actually had his Christmas a day later

Connor had been getting really psyched up for Christmas. Wilson played a big part in that. He of course followed us to Grandma and Papa's house much to Connor's delight. When we mentioned to Connor that Wilson would be going back to the North Pole after Christmas, he shouted out "No! I love Wilson" and sounded completely heartbroken. Needless to say Wilson stuck around for another day and we just never brought him back up.

Cookes for Santa and carrotts for the Reindeer!

The kids had such a good time opening presents. And we all had a great time watching them! I was a little surprised with how excited Addison seemed to get over her gifts. I knew she would have fun opening them and tearing up the paper but never really thought she would pay much attention to more than that. Connor loved passing out the presents and helping us all open them. This was by far the best Christmas yet and I imagine they will only get better as they get older. I think next year we'll have more fun with Santa and gifts from him. This year only the toys in their stockings came from him.

We also had a lot of fun family time playing corn hole, scrabble, scattegories and watching old Christmas classics. We visited with Jeremy, Danielle and their baby Jacye one night too. It was also great to see Busia and Zsa Zsa again (John's grandparents). This was their first time seeing little Addie in person!

I took a million pictures but narrowed it down a bit so you wouldn't be here all day. You can view them by clicking here. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, we sure did!  

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