Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monster Jam

We took Connor to Monster Jam a few weeks ago. To say he was excited would be an understatement. He even had his own countdown to the event. Every day on our drive home from school he would tell me how many more days until Monster Jam. Grandma and Papa drove up for the weekend to babysit the kids Friday night and then Addie on Saturday while we took Connor to the show. John took me out Friday night for my birthday. We had a delicious meal at Boscom’s, a chop house in St. Pete.

On Saturday we met up with our friends around 3 pm as we had Pit passes prior to the show. It was fun because there were so many ‘new’ cars this year. One of Connor’s favorites is Monster Mutt and while we were there the crew members were putting on one of the tires. I think Connor enjoyed seeing that. After the Pit we tailgated for a couple of hours before the show at 7 pm. The boys had fun playing with their monster trucks, a little bit of football and corn hole as well. As we were walking into the stadium we got to see them all start their engines and drive in. It was pretty cool and something Connor imitates with his cars now at home. The show itself was good, Maximum Destruction even did a back flip! When we got home Connor was still awake and very enthusiastically told Grandma and Papa all about the show.

I can tell this will be a fun, annual event for the years to come. Addie may even join us next year as she loves playing with Connor’s trucks too. The show has certainly regenerated Connor’s love for Monster Trucks as he has been putting on his own Monster Jam shows for us ever since.
You can view all my pictures here.
I was going to add a video of Maximum Destruction doing his back flip but Blogger seems to be missing the 'Browse' button :|

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