Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hair cut!!!

Connor (finally) let us cut his hair! Well, not us, a lucky gal at Supercuts did the deed but he allowed it to happen. I know what you're thinking...who is the parent here? But you can't just cut a child's hair who passionately doesn't want to. We used to cut his hair but since February of last year he decided he wanted to grow it long just like his best buddy, Finn. It was cute that he even cared so we let him. But it was getting to be a little unruly and it needed some attention. He didn't exactly agree to a 'cut' but to a 'trim.' We got there and he watched a couple of guys ahead of us get their hair cut. When it was his turn he climbed right into the chair and sat perfectly still, listening and following all of the hair dressers directions. He did great!


Did I mention I had to bribe him? Well...I did. I told him that if he let us cut his hair that we would treat him to Yogurtology afterwards. The boy loves his frozen yogurt! :)

Now that it is all said and done he has admitted that he was scared which is more than likely the hold up all along. He doesn't seem to really care that it is shorter now.

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