Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whitman Wedding Weekend

Erin, one of my best friends, got married a couple of weekends ago in Melbourne Beach, FL. As part of the wedding party we had to be there Friday for the rehearsal dinner. We were originally going to bring the kids and the dogs as the hotel was pet friendly....but our loving parents offered to come to our house and watch them all. Two nights with no kids? At the beach? Okay! BeBe and Grandpa took the first shift and arrived Friday morning. After a quick rundown of what to do (and what not to do :p) we left town. This was our first weekend away since we had Addison. We were excited…not only were we going to see our friends exchange wedding vows on the beach, but we've also been craving the sun...and a tan! Unfortunately the weather didn't exactly cooperate. Not only did it rain on and off throughout most of our drive there, but it poured that night. Erin and Justin were bummed to say the least. Their wedding was supposed to be right on the beach, in front of the house they rented. They improvised and setup in a tent and made the best of it though. Saturday was very overcast but not raining. It was coming from the west so we knew we were getting it, we just didn't know when. The forecast predicted 90% chance of rain…not good. Papa and Grandma arrived at our house to take the second shift. They all went out to eat together at Beef O’Brady’s and had a great time before BeBe and Grandpa left to head home.  They also said it poured in Tampa. Erin and Justin decided to have the wedding under the tent just to be safe. And wouldn't you know it, it never rained. Not one drop. It was such a beautiful wedding. Another one of my best friends, Tim, married them. They had a steel drum player for the ceremony and then a DJ later to kick the night off to dancing. Such a fun night! The next morning was gorgeous, hardly any clouds in the sky. We headed straight for the beach after checking out of our hotel and parked ourselves there until we got hungry. After a late lunch we headed back home to the kiddos. The grandparents enjoyed the kids, the kids had a blast, and John and I had a fun, memorable trip. An overall fabulous weekend.

Congratulations to Erin and Justin Whitman!!! Click here to view a sampling of our weekend/wedding pictures. Sorry, none of the kids this time!

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