Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fun in the Sun

A couple of weekends ago we made a trip up to Waldo to help my brother celebrate his birthday. He shared his party with his best buddies daughter, Autumn. They were both celebrating milestones: Chris 30, Autumn 1. The party was held at my parents house so we had access to the pool, the lake and they even setup a slip-n-slide! John tossed Connor down it once and the next thing you know all of the other kids wanted him to do it to them. There was fun to be had by all. Strangely enough, I don't think I knew even half of the people there. Strange only because it was at my parents house. Autumn had lots of her family there which I had never met. The food and drinks were plentiful and everyone had a great time. And it seems Connor has really come out of his shell as he was talking it up to any and everyone. After the party we enjoyed some family time. Connor had fun with a horn he found and Addie had fun with the sprinkler :p After dinner we had more cake :) this time we watched Chris blow out his birthday candles.


The next day we enjoyed another day in the sun. Addie found the doggies water bowl which thrilled her to death. She isn't allowed near the doggy bowls at home as she'll eat the contents in a heartbeat. The kids both enjoyed Popsicles and another dip in the did Jackson! His ball 'accidentally' dropped into the pool so of course he had to go in and get it. Then we took the boat out. I even got to water ski, something I haven't done in years (and years and years). I was a little surprised when I got right up on my first try. John has never water skied so my dad was excited to get him out there. He got up after a couple of tries and looked good out there! It was so much fun and something we definitely need to do more often.


It was a really nice and relaxing trip. We even got a quick visit with Nana who came out for Chris's party for a bit. We didn't get to see everyone but we'll be back soon :) You can see more pictures from our trip here. Happy Birthday Chris! Glad we could be there to help you and Autumn celebrate your big milestone birthdays.

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