Monday, May 7, 2012

Doggy Days/Carnival

Both of our doggies celebrated birthday’s this past month. Jackson turned 11 on the 20th and Zoey turned 5 on the 27th. And how else can you celebrate but with cake?! My grandmother recently gave me her Kitchen Aid mixer and several boxes of cake. Connor loves to watch it in action! He helps me dump all the ingredients into the big bowl and then turn it on. He also likes to taste the batter. But who doesn’t?! Clearly we were looking for an excuse to make a cake. So each doggy got a special birthday cake on their birthday. Happy Birthday Dogs!


We attended a Carnival a couple of weekends ago at Christ the King church here in Tampa. It’s an annual fund raising event for the church and they go all out! I was expecting a few small rides and some of your typical carnival foods, but this was a full on fair! Every ride you can think of, from a Ferris Wheel to the Gravitron, you name it they had it. We met up with Marti, Jessica and her girls. Connor had a ball, going on all the toddler rides he was big enough for. Until his tickets ran out that is. We didn’t want to spend too much since we knew we were going to Disney on Monday. So we only bought him 1 sheet of tickets which got him about 6 rides. Poor Addie though didn’t have anything she could do there but sit and watch. And it was hot, so we left as soon as Connor ran out of tickets. He was not happy about that decision but it turned out to be good timing as it started pouring on our way home.

There are more doggy and carnival pictures here.

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