Wednesday, October 26, 2011

7 Months!

Another month has come and gone, Addison is now 7 months old!! She is not quite crawling yet but she is very close. She loves to practice though! I'll make sure to get a video of her in action as soon as we have forward motion :) She also got her first tooth a couple of weeks ago (on BeBe's birthday to be exact!). She is eating well and we're having fun trying all sorts of fruits now. So far her favorites seem to be apples and carrots. She will officially be on formula at the end of this week. I stopped breastfeeding a month ago so I had a good supply!

We took her to the doctor's office for her second flu shot this morning so we got to weigh her. She now weighs 15 lbs 4 oz. She handled her shot very well, but not as good as her brother! We were so proud of Connor today. We talked it up, letting him know what the doctor was going to do. We told him if he was good he would get fruit snacks afterwards. He said he wanted a band-aid and a sticker. Deal! We took him in not only for his flu shot but to get his breathing checked out. If you've ever been around him you know how loudly he breathes, especially when he is sleeping. He's been like that since birth so we dismiss it for the most part. It wasn't brought to our attention again until he switched school's. His teacher was worried about him. We thought it wasn't a bad idea to get another opinion by our new pediatrician. He said the same thing though, nothing to worry about and he should grow out of it. He thinks it's just his large adnoids. He did suggest getting an ENT's opinion but isn't worried. Connor is due to get his ear tubes checked on so we'll ask about that too when the time comes. 

Back to Addie, she is just such a happy go lucky baby. She goes with the flow, the only thing she could do better is nap a little longer. She only gives us 30 min cat naps here and there. She hardly naps at all at daycare. We're actually looking at getting her into Connor's daycare. I would love to have them at the same place. I think there are just too many babies where she is at now. There is so much going on at all times, she doesn't want to nap afraid she'll miss something! LOL

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