Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Waldo Trip

We made a trip up to Waldo/Gainesville this past weekend. The Pathfinder needed some attention and Bebe and Grandpa are always up for a visit :) Connor and I enjoyed some pool time. This would likely be the last time for us to enjoy any swimming this year so I willingly obliged despite the cooler weather. Connor also had fun playing in Bebe's van. Nana came out to visit with the kiddos for a bit on Saturday. Addison enjoyed her company, she was so relaxed she took a little snooze on her. The kids were in good hands so John and I went to Gainesville to tailgate for the Florida game. It was a sad loss but we had a great time! We also got to spend some time with Steve and Uncle Chris over the weekend. Overall a great time as always. I captured a few cute pictures along the way, click here for your viewing pleasure.

Addison looks like she could take off crawling any minute now. If she is on her tummy and sees something she wants she really tries to go for it! She has the right moves, she just needs to put them all together. Connor is still doing great in his big boy bed. Addison is also enjoying her 'new' crib. I thought Connor would've had a harder time letting go of his furniture but it was a non issue. We are looking forward to spending more time outdoors now that the weather is getting cooler. Time to get our patio completed!! I know I still owe you all pictures of our new place. I'll work on that this weekend....

Connor helping Addie get acclimated in her new bed :) He sure does love his sister!!

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