Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Festivities

Let the Fall festivities begin! We're loving this cooler weather and trying to do more outdoors these days. This past Saturday we took a little trip up to Hyde Park where they had a pet masquerade going on. You guessed it, dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes everywhere! They even had a costume competition. We didn't know that was going on when we headed over there, we just wanted to snap a few pictures of the kids around pumpkins. Our friends Jen and Jonathan met us up there with their girls. I think both Connor and Addison enjoyed the pumpkins/scenery, but neither of them were into picture taking. I'm definitely finding it harder to get good pictures now that there are two of them involved. After the pumpkins we went to lunch at The Lime. They had a guy playing the guitar which Connor thoroughly enjoyed. My favorite part was the bloody Mary cart :)

Sunday I took Connor to his first Gymboree class. We've checked Gymboree out before but for open gym time only. It took him about 10 minutes to warm up to the teacher and other kids but once he did he had a blast! We'll definitely be going back soon. The rest of the afternoon we hung out on our back patio. We are loving it, it's a nice feature of the house, something we didn't have before. It's still a work in progress but we have added a TV, stereo, seating and dart board. A really nice place to hang out now that the weather is so nice. The dogs seem to enjoy it too.

The link to the rest of our pumpkin pictures is here. Like I mentioned before, neither of the kids were much into cooperating - enjoy!

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