Tuesday, June 9, 2015

School Events

Addie said goodbye to Carlton Academy in May and started at her new school, Palma Ceia Day School, last week. She and her best friend, Emerson, embarked on this journey together and it has made all the difference in the world. Addie had a great group of friends at Carlton so it was a little sad to separate them but we love her new school and so does Addie! Our drop offs are smooth and it is super convenient to our house.

We received an invitation to attend the end of the year awards assembly at Grady as Connor was going to be a recipient of an award. But they didn't tell us which one! The ceremony was for K-4 and they only had 4 different awards to give out: Citizenship Award, Perfect Attendance Award, Honor Roll Award and Principal's Award. We should have known Connor wasn't getting the Citizenship award based on the number of 'yellow' days he had and we knew he didn't have perfect attendance so that left one of the last two. I am proud to announce that he was awarded the Principal's Award for being on the Honor Roll all 4 quarters! Let's just hope he keeps up the good work! :)

Connor on his last day of Kindergarten (and first for comparison). Where did this year go?! I can't believe we have a 1st grader now! He asked to be a car rider instead of going to after school care that day and we obliged. When I picked him up he had a sad look in his eyes and when I asked him what was wrong her burst into tears. He was sad school was over and to be leaving his friends! I was heartbroken but quickly assured him he would see them all again next year and maybe even over the summer. 

Monkey see, monkey do - Addie wanted a picture with a sign too! :)

Connor started camp this week at the YMCA. He will be there for most of the summer and reunited with his longtime best buds, Finn and Reid. He couldn't be more stoked. When I asked him how his first day was he said "It was good. And we didn't even do any work!" I can already tell it will be hard to get back into a school routine come August....

Happy Summer!

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