Wednesday, June 24, 2015


John sprained his ankle last week while playing kickball in the front yard with Connor. He has sprained his ankle before but never experienced any pain like this so he was worried it may be broken so we spent the evening in the ER getting it checked out. It was, in fact, only a sprain but a severe one. He may look happy in the picture above but he was anything but. 5 hours later we were sent home with an air cast and crutches and told 5-6 weeks of heal time. 

In the meantime you can find me picking up some of the slack around the house ;) He injured his right ankle so not only does this impact his physical activity but also his driving. Last week was a busy one for me doing the drop offs, pick ups, mowing, and cleaning the pool all on top of my normal mommy duties. I don't mind the mowing so much but scrubbing the pool is for the birds. If John kicks the bucket I'm moving to a condo! lol

Daddy and Addie supervising my yard work ;)

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