Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tampa Bay Rays

We have had some seriously hot days lately! Very thankful for our pool on the weekends :)

Tom, an old friend of ours from Orlando, stopped by with his kids on their way to go to a Tampa Bay Rays game a couple weekends ago. He invited us to tag along and we did! I was excited as this was my very first Rays game and they won! They beat the Houston Astros 8 - 0.

Addie's first Rays game too...and her first taste of cotton candy!

Connor, Andrew and Ava - I think he was trying to put his arm around her (not hit her face :p)

Addie adored Ava!

They ended up staying the night with us so Addie and Connor had their first sleepover! Ava slept in Addie's room on an air mattress and Andrew bunked with Connor. They were up super late and loved every minute of it. 

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