Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VPK Graduation

VPK ended last week officially making Connor a kindergartner! He did awesome again on his last round of tests getting a perfect score! His teachers were very pleased and not just with him but with their entire class. Graduation was at the Musicale & Federation Club. They have historically held it in their gym at school so this made the ceremony seem extra special. 

They started the ceremony with a song and I was pleasantly surprised to see Connor singing! He usually doesn’t and we had told him this time that he didn’t have to sing but he needed to at least move his lips. There is no way he can lip sync that good so I’m pretty sure he was actually singing :) They each took a turn standing up and telling us their “favorite thing about VPK.” Connor’s was getting to color. They also did a “Most likely to be” which was adorable! Connor was most likely to be an architect because he is good at building things and drawing :) They sang a couple more songs and then they handed out their diplomas. They ended the ceremony with Ms. Amber playing her violin and the kids singing to the song ‘Graduation (Friends Forever)’. This was where the water works began. I am so sad that Connor and his best friends are all splitting up so this song just struck a chord with me. It was a very nice ceremony, Ms. Aimee and Ms. Amber did an amazing job as they did all year long. We sure are going to miss them!

The historic Friday Morning Musicale in South Tampa

"My favorite part of VPK was being able to color whatever I want"

Class of 2014!

Best buds for life - Connor, Reid and Finn
Connor with Ms. Amber (his favorite)

Connor with Ms. Aimee

They had light refreshments afterwards and then we took the kiddos home for the rest of the day....but first stopped at Yogurtology to celebrate! We even took one home to Zoey :)

One of Connor’s classmates, Jaden, held a graduation party at his house on Saturday and almost the entire class showed up! I say this with exclamation because we have yet to attend a birthday party with such a good turnout. There were bounce houses (yes, plural!), water balloons, toys and food galore. They had a blast to say the least.

Addie with Rebecca, one of her best buddies from school (her older sister was in Connor's class). I know it is hard to believe they are the same age since she towers over Addie! :p They have been friends since they were 18 months old.

 You can view these and a few more graduation pics by clicking here

Congratulations to the class of 2014! 

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