Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dance Recital

Addie's first dance recital was a success! I have to admit, we were a little worried she wouldn't dance, but she sure showed us!

Here she is at her first rehearsal...see how happy she is with me? I made her go sit with her class like all the other dancers.

That day she walked up on stage and in position to dance...but never moved! It was actually really cute but hard to watch at the same time. Her teachers assured me afterwards that she knows the dance and is a very good dancer and that she actually did pretty good for her first time. She went up on stage after all and didn't cry! 

That was also the day we picked up her costume so I hoped that once she got home and tried it on she would get more excited. Wishful thinking. The costume fit but was a little scratchy on her shoulders where the sequins were. She wanted it off immediately. So I stopped there, I didn't want to push the matter.

John and I peaked in to watch her class a couple weeks later and we witnessed her dancing first hand and was really getting into it, she was quite serious about it! She also kept telling us that she would dance next time.  Well, dress rehearsal was the Thursday prior to her recital after school. I was hopeful but still worried she wouldn't put on her costume as she still had shown zero interest in putting it on. Maybe it was the excitement or seeing all the other girls in costume but she was ready and didn't give me any flack.

They all got to sit in the auditorium and watch the other dancers while waiting their turn. Addie didn't give me any issues leaving me when it was her turn so again, I was hopeful, but she still didn't do it like I know she knows. We talked about it on the way home and she assured me that she was going to dance at the recital. She said "Mommy, I'm just waiting to do it at the recital." 

Recital day arrived and Addie said she was excited and couldn't wait to 'wave' at the end. We had seen a video of a previous recital at dress rehearsal where they all came out at the end and waved to the audience. I told her if she danced that I would buy her the video that would have her in it.  

I suddenly got nervous right before she was about to go on. I really hoped that all the time and money put into this was worth it. BeBe, Grandpa, Grandma and Papa had driven all the way to come and see her dance too! She walked out and didn't do much at first. Then she looked around and it was like she was thinking, well I may as well do this and she started dancing! I was so proud of her!! We weren't allowed to video so I don't have it but we should get the video in the mail in the next 6 weeks or so. A promise is a promise!

I'm not so sure of this...
Now I'm ready...let's dance!

It's hard to see her but she is waving to the audience!

We are very proud of our little ballerina!

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