Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rays Game

The Jones Family came to visit us a couple of weekends ago to go to a Rays game. The Rays had a series of summer concerts after home games and this night was Sister Hazel (from Gainesville!). I love Sister Hazel and Jeremy's brother is in the band now which makes it even cooler. Even cooler than that? Getting hooked up with FREE box seats...with the band!

The kids had an absolute blast. We were a little hesitant to bring them as the game wasn't until 6 PM which meant the concert would be late but it was a non-issue. The three of them partied like rock stars!

An old friend of mine, Emily, is married to the Rays new(ish) manager (Kevin Cash). We haven't seen each other in years! I was excited to find out she was going to be at the game so we met up for a hot second to catch up for a bit. 

Did I mention the suite came with free food and drinks? Score

Sister Hazel put on a great concert! 

Danielle and I stayed up in the suite for the concert but the boys took the kids down to the field to watch them up close. We could see Jeremy and John lounging while the kids ran around and danced their hearts out. Super fun night!

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