Thursday, October 1, 2015

All That Glitters

Addie was invited to a Tea Party a couple of weekends ago hosted by one of her new classmates. To say Addie was excited would be an understatement. The party was held at a place called All That GlittersThis company really honed in on all things princess - they thought of everything! We arrived before everyone else so we peeked into the tea room (below) before the party started. I couldn't believe how extravagant this place was!  This was right up Addie's alley, she was totally in her element!

Upon arrival the girls picked out their princess outfits. Then it was time to glam up with glitter and tiara's in the make up room! 

They also got to decorate a picture frame and dance and sing their hearts out on stage. Which, by the way, was fully equipped with it's own runway. 

Then it was time for tea and cupcakes!

I've been waiting to post this hoping that All That Glitters would send us the pictures they took or post them on Facebook or Instagram but they haven't yet. They were snapping away and Addie appeared to be their top model. Seriously. The girl was in her comfort zone. I have never seen her rock the camera like she did....too bad it wasn't mine! I'll be sure to pass along the link if I ever see any of them. 

Something tells me we may be here again in March ;)

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