Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Annual Well Visits

Connor and Addie had their annual well visits last week. A little late as their birthday's are in March but we had a few scheduling conflicts. They were both excited to go and I think Doc McStuffins may have had something to do with it ;) They were even up for shots! They lucked out this year though. Neither of them had to get a single shot. 

Waiting for the doctor... 

Connor's stats:
Height: 42.25 inches (30%)
Weight: 40 lbs (42%)
Blood Pressure: 92/64

Addie's stats:
Height: 34.88 inches (7%)
Weight: 28 lbs (21%)
Blood Pressure: 82/54

Before we went I told them I would treat them to Yogurtology afterwards, mostly to reward them after being so brave for their shots....that they didn't get! They may not have gotten shots but I couldn't go back on my promise plus they were really good for the doctor :)

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