Friday, April 4, 2014

Addison's 3rd Birthday

My princess is 3!!!  She got to kick off her birthday by opening one gift before school, promising Connor that he could help her open the rest after school. We brought cake pops to her class that afternoon. It’s always fun to see them interact with one another at school. Addie kept her promise and let Connor open her gifts that evening. She had been asking for a doggy purse since seeing one a couple months back so she was pretty excited about her gift.

Addie with her best friend, Emerson


Her birthday party was the following Saturday and she had the best time. She wanted to have a Dora gymnastics party so we had it at the YMCA. I thought it was the perfect place for her party. I knew she would feel right at home there since she is there every Saturday but having it at the Y turned out to be the best idea ever. Maybe it was because I had just finished up with Connor's party which took lots of preparation and time and thought. I had none of that with the Y. They took care of almost everything! All I had to do was provide a headcount and supply the food. Easy peasy and just what this Momma needed :) The party was a success! All the kids had so much fun running around, doing their thing. Connor was in heaven as well. He has had to watch Addie do gymnastics for a while now but has never gotten to do any of it (much to his dismay).

Ready for my party!

Best buds: Ava, Emerson and Addie

Talen, Addie and Brody
She is a real fireball these days…perhaps terrible 3’s is more descriptive. She is also Ms. Jabber Jaws! She talks or sings or rambles all day long. Even during dinner. It can be cute and amusing and annoying at the same time. Mostly cute though :)

3 going on 16
She has already moved into the 3 year old class at school. We didn’t expect a smooth transition as she loves all her friends in her old room but it went better than we had anticipated. Yes, she was clingy but she didn’t cry! Luckily one of her best friends, Emerson, will be turning 3 at the end of the month so she will gain an old friend soon. But I bet she makes new ones before then!

She also started dance last week and absolutely loves it! She has been asking to join for a while now but we dragged our feet with enrollment because the class starts at 8:15 am on Friday’s. Let’s just say Addie isn’t a morning person…but not when it comes to dance class day! She wakes up rearing and ready to go and loves it! I bought her first pair of tap shoes last week. She is so cute in them! I will try to watch her class next week to get pictures.

You can view all of her birthday pictures here.

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