Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Connor's 1st FSU Game

John took Connor to Tallahassee a couple of weekends ago to attend his first FSU football game! Connor was excited to say the least. Papa also joined them to complete the boys weekend. They left Friday afternoon and stayed in a cabin on a KOA campsite.

The boys got to visit with John's Aunt Jan and Uncle Bill for a bit before heading over to the game on Saturday. They also got to meet a few cheerleaders! ;) Connor had fun but was 'done' by the end of the first half (i.e. ready to go) but they stayed until there was about 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter. He had fun but John said he seemed to be more interested in the band and cheerleaders than the game itself. I am still impressed considering he is only 4.

Addie and I had also planned a fun little weekend for ourselves. We had a girly Friday night watching Dora and painting our nails :) BeBe and Grandpa were coming Saturday to spend the day and were actually going to stay the night for a change, however, our weekend took a very different turn. Why you ask? Our A/C went out (yes, again) Saturday morning. Ugh. I filed a claim under our home warranty but nothing was going to happen until Monday. Why does this always happen on a weekend?!
It's hard to have pretty hair when you're hot :p
We putted around for awhile but we were miserable. The girls took a trip to Ikea as BeBe had never been before. We were looking for any excuse to get out of the house! My poor dad was sweating his butt off trying to get it repaired to no avail. After a long hot day Addie and I packed up for the night, said our goodbyes to BeBe and Grandpa and then checked into the Wyndham for the night. If you don't use it or know about it, the Hotel Tonight app is the best way to find cheap, last minute hotels! The only cheaper option was the Best Western (not featured on Hotel Tonight) and all they had left were smoking rooms. The Wyndham was a welcomed alternative :) John and Connor got back into town around 1 am and joined us at the hotel.
Cool and comfortable at last
Long story short, Chris and Marti  came to our rescue once again and let us stay with them until our A/C was back up and running. The whole ordeal took almost a week this time but I am happy to report that we are cool once again....for now.

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