Saturday, April 27, 2013


After months of searching we finally settled on a house we wanted to call home. Several inspections later, a new roof and a lot of stress we finally closed on our house. We couldn’t really move though until the following week when John had some help but we had to be out of our rental before the end of the month to avoid paying another month of rent. We would have loved to have taken that whole week off of work but we are just too busy to take time off so we juggled packing and moving in between work and sleep. Oh, and the kids daycare was closed that Friday and Monday for Easter and Staff training. Lovely timing K We did it though! I can’t say it was an easy week but at least it is all behind us now. And now comes the fun stuff! The house we bought is totally livable but we consider it a fixer-upper. It was build in 1950 so it needs a lot of upgrades. It was also infested with termites and had to be tented before we moved in so there is a lot of damage from that we need to repair as well. I’ll share before and after pictures as we complete projects around the house. It also has a pool which we’re pretty excited about especially as the summer months approach us. Except it has also turned out to be another project as it needs to be resurfaced. Ah, the joys of home ownership!

Endless number of boxes and 'stuff'

Our rental, just about empty
The kids hangin' by the pool, they love their new home!

Send me a message if you want our new address!

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